Approach the college application process with confidence!

This is a time of self discovery and exploration of exciting options. Take charge as you select colleges. Recognize the qualities and strengths you bring, and learn the skills to convey them to get where you want to go. Know what you like about each school you apply to, then every acceptance opens the door to a place where you know you will be happy.

Change your focusFrom: “Where can I get in?”To: “Where do I want to go?”



  • Your choices are broader than you think. It is not just a matter of “easy” and “hard” schools.
  • The colleges your friends pick may not be best for you.
  • What you do easily and well are your greatest assets. Let admissions officers know your strengths.
  • The skills you develop now will help you throughout your life.

Let me help you.

Know where you want to go and why.

  • Identify your strengths, goals, uniqueness and preferences.

  • Learn how colleges differ and see what suits you.

Put your best foot forward.

  • Use each section of the college application as your tool.

  • Be confident and take the initiative at interviews.

  • Write unique and compelling essays.

  • Make your resume more than a list.

  • Tailor your message to the school.

  • Use campus visits strategically.

Tips About:

  • High school preparation.

  • Constructive role for parents.

  • Recommendations.

  • Financial aid.

Junior Year

Service Options

Full Service: From picking schools through preparation of application. Extensive and comprehensive consultation, research, editing. Start junior or senior year.

Hourly Consulting: Targeted help to meet your needs. For students or parents, any grade of high school.

Workshops: Small group, interactive format. Scheduled classes throughout school year. (Discount on Full Service Option for workshop participants.)

Together we can select schools that are a good fit and convey your message convincingly.